20 October - Churchill Light Tackle – Malindi


21-22 October - International Festival - Malindi


26 November – Charity Eye-Go Fishing – Mtwapa


17 December - Christmas Hamper/Open Boat - Mtwapa


26 December – Kids Family Christmas Competition - Watamu


27 December – Christmas Hamper Competition – Kilifi


28-29 December - Watamu Sea Fishing Club Christmas Festival – Watamu


31 December – Captain Andy’s Mida Creek Kids Fishing Competition –Watamu




7 January - Diani Samaki Classic – Diani


27-28 January – Delamere Fishing Competition – Kilifi


11 February - Mtwapa Cup – Mtwapa


24-25 February – Captain Andy’s Kilifi Classic Fishing Competition - Kilifi


3-4 March – Watamu Fishing Festival – Watamu


3-4 March - Marlin Championship – Watamu


4 March - Kilulu Competition - Mtwapa


6-7 March – Friends of Kenya - Watamu


9 March - Morson Cup (Light Tackle) - Malindi


10-11 March - Malindi International Billfish Tournament – Malindi


17 March - The Mike Dunford Fishing Tournament – Nyali


1 April - Easter Frolic (Easter Sunday Competition) – Kilifi






Weather remains good for Easter holiday

The wind seems well set into the southeast now, but it has been blowing moderately after a short period of stronger winds. Those going out fishing over the holiday should find the seas calm, and there are plenty of dorado to be caught, along with some tuna, kingfish and the occasional wahoo and there are also some billfish around the Watamu banks.

Alleycat has had some trips out recently, and raised three black marlin but none of these stuck on the end. They did however tag a sailfish, and have good catches of dorado, with a lot of bonito, as well as some tuna and kingfish.

But interesting that there are still some marlin around; it has been a good year for black marlin on the Banks with fish being raised regularly since the start of the season in July.

At Diani, the few trips made have found dorado, kingfish and wahoo, but they have had a good run there since January with the large numbers of sailfish caught in February being notable. The catch of a 131kg broadbill by Fred Conrad was remarkable, the biggest of this species this year and probably the second largest ever landed in Kenya.

Shimoni also had a great run of marlin in January and February, with many of the catches being made by visiting boats. Many visiting anglers charter boats at Watamu and Malindi, then go off fishing where the fishing is best, often Shimoni and Lamu area, which seems a sensible policy – have boat will travel!

The Rips out from Watamu/Malindi, can be fished easily from both ports and Kilifi, and it was excellent fishing there in January to March. White Mischief, a private boat, had one of the best days with a blue and a black marlin, three broadbill swordfish and three sail, but calls to other skippers for their best day have not had any response!

The annual freshwater fishing tournament at Lake Baringo will be held on Sunday April 30th. This is a very popular event, and there are many hotels and lodges available, while several different species of fish can be caught. Only five hours drive from Nairobi this is one of Kenya’s finest tourist areas and the competition offers a fun weekend over the Labour Day holiday . Great for families!

With so few trips, this will be the last report this season, so happy off-season all !





The kusi, the south-east wind, has started to blow hard for the last couple of days, and while the sea is not yet too rough, not a lot of fishing trips have been made in the last week. This annual change in the monsoon winds is the signal to the billfish to move on in their annual migration, and marlin will be hard to find now, although some sailfish usually remain around and can be caught throughout the year. However there are often plenty of dorado, especially if the angler can find areas of seaweed clumps, when the weed has been detached from the bottom by the rougher seas and storms.

At Diani, White Dove had an exciting day, catching a striped marlin, a sailfish and two good-sized wahoo, while Shuwari released a sailfish and had a good mixed bag with dorado and wahoo. But the wind there is beginning to cause waves which may block boats from crossing the reef, although it is hoped that fishing can continue past the Easter holiday, when a big influx of upcountry visitors is expected.

At Watamu, Tarka went out earlier for an overnight trip and released two broadbill, while other trips recorded a sail released as well as catches of dorado and yellowfin tuna. Jasiri also found a couple of broadbill night fishing. One wonders if these fish do not move away like the other billfish when the wind changes, but the rougher water out in the Rips prevents fishing for them as the south wind gets up.

The Easter Frolic competition at Kilifi is on Sunday 16th of April, not last Sunday as misprinted in last week’s article – my apologies! Depending on the weather, but a forecast suggests the present strong wind may die away in a few days, so the seas will be fishable and fun for the families, we hope!





There have been fewer trips over the last week as the main tournament season is over, and the overseas anglers end their holidays, but there are still good fish to be caught, and most of the recent action has come at Malindi.

Kingfisher boats ran to the North Kenya banks a week ago, and Neptune tagged eight broadbill on an overnight trip – with a pair of sailfish as well, a really good nights fishing. Eclare released a blue marlin, a sail and three broadbill, while Snowgoose had two broadbill, one a big fish over 70kgs, and all the boats caught plenty of smaller gamefish.

Fishing closer in north of Malindi, Snowgoose tagged a black marlin of 90kgs, while Eclare weighed a very big yellowfin tuna of 75.5kgs. Neptune has been catching good mixed bags with some big giant trevally as well as wahoo, kingfish and dorado and some sailfish.

Watamu boats have not been out much, but both Unreel and Jasiri have returned flying a flag for a black marlin, so there is still action around the Banks which can easily be fished on short days. The wind has been variable, as it seemed set southeast, but then veered northeast again, and the area had a good shower with 17mms of rain, the first heavy storm for almost four months, and we look forward to the onset of the main rains after such a long drought.

No reports from the south coast, where it seems the boats have not been going out, but with the Easter holidays approaching local anglers will be bringing families down for the holiday and we can expect more trips.

Kilifi will be holding the annual Easter Frolic on the Sunday, a fun day for families especially, and if the weather stays calm there should be a good entry there. Usually dorado are plentiful and apart from providing good fishing fun on light lines, it is a good opportunity to stock up the deep freeze for the off season!





The wind seems to have swung round to the southeast now, with a firm kusi blowing – this is the signal to the billfish, especially the three species of marlin to move away on their annual migration paths, but some marlin are still being caught.

The Malindi SFC Billfish International, which is now a qualifying event for the International Game Fishing Association annual championships, was fished over the weekend of 11th-12th March, with the team on Little Toot, Alden and Will James and Philip Stein coming an easy first with three blue marlin. Tega was second, fished by Calvin du Plessis, Karla Bunting and Daniel Sheni, who found one blue and one striped marlin, while third was the team on Albatross, John Newman and Baisa Salim with a stripey and two sailfish. Fourth was Nala, fished by Walter Ndolo, up from Mtwapa, with a stripey and a sailfish.

Eleven boats found a total of eleven marlin and four sailfish, and a good party followed the prize giving, with a great range of prizes from many generous sponsors.

The Morson Cup, a light line completion on the Friday, had five entrants but as no billfish were caught, no winner emerged.

The fly fishers at Kiwayu continued their good run, with three boats raising thirty marlin over the week. Brian Heath tagged a blue marlin about 90 kgs, while Mike Dyer had a slightly smaller fish. Cheza, running back to Manda, tagged three marlin while looking for some eating fish for the freezer!

At Watamu, small boat Dilligaf ran two days to the North Kenya Banks, tagging two blue marlin one day and a single the next, while Jasiri tagged a blue and a couple of broadbill on an overnight trip, and another day found a stripey.

Alleycat tagged a sail and has had good catches of dorado, with some wahoo and kingfish over the week, while Unreel found two sail one day. We can expect plenty of dorado around the banks over the next few weeks, good fun for family fishing as they are hard fighters on light line, and good eating also.

Have not had full results of the Mike Dunford Tamarind tournament, but Bado, fished by Alex Brenneisen, Rob Jessop and Anne Taylor, was first in the amateur stream with a black marlin tagged and seven dorado, while coming second overall.


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