The kusi, the south-east wind, has started to blow hard for the last couple of days, and while the sea is not yet too rough, not a lot of fishing trips have been made in the last week. This annual change in the monsoon winds is the signal to the billfish to move on in their annual migration, and marlin will be hard to find now, although some sailfish usually remain around and can be caught throughout the year. However there are often plenty of dorado, especially if the angler can find areas of seaweed clumps, when the weed has been detached from the bottom by the rougher seas and storms.

At Diani, White Dove had an exciting day, catching a striped marlin, a sailfish and two good-sized wahoo, while Shuwari released a sailfish and had a good mixed bag with dorado and wahoo. But the wind there is beginning to cause waves which may block boats from crossing the reef, although it is hoped that fishing can continue past the Easter holiday, when a big influx of upcountry visitors is expected.

At Watamu, Tarka went out earlier for an overnight trip and released two broadbill, while other trips recorded a sail released as well as catches of dorado and yellowfin tuna. Jasiri also found a couple of broadbill night fishing. One wonders if these fish do not move away like the other billfish when the wind changes, but the rougher water out in the Rips prevents fishing for them as the south wind gets up.

The Easter Frolic competition at Kilifi is on Sunday 16th of April, not last Sunday as misprinted in last week’s article – my apologies! Depending on the weather, but a forecast suggests the present strong wind may die away in a few days, so the seas will be fishable and fun for the families, we hope!