The wind seems well set into the southeast now, but it has been blowing moderately after a short period of stronger winds. Those going out fishing over the holiday should find the seas calm, and there are plenty of dorado to be caught, along with some tuna, kingfish and the occasional wahoo and there are also some billfish around the Watamu banks.

Alleycat has had some trips out recently, and raised three black marlin but none of these stuck on the end. They did however tag a sailfish, and have good catches of dorado, with a lot of bonito, as well as some tuna and kingfish.

But interesting that there are still some marlin around; it has been a good year for black marlin on the Banks with fish being raised regularly since the start of the season in July.

At Diani, the few trips made have found dorado, kingfish and wahoo, but they have had a good run there since January with the large numbers of sailfish caught in February being notable. The catch of a 131kg broadbill by Fred Conrad was remarkable, the biggest of this species this year and probably the second largest ever landed in Kenya.

Shimoni also had a great run of marlin in January and February, with many of the catches being made by visiting boats. Many visiting anglers charter boats at Watamu and Malindi, then go off fishing where the fishing is best, often Shimoni and Lamu area, which seems a sensible policy – have boat will travel!

The Rips out from Watamu/Malindi, can be fished easily from both ports and Kilifi, and it was excellent fishing there in January to March. White Mischief, a private boat, had one of the best days with a blue and a black marlin, three broadbill swordfish and three sail, but calls to other skippers for their best day have not had any response!

The annual freshwater fishing tournament at Lake Baringo will be held on Sunday April 30th. This is a very popular event, and there are many hotels and lodges available, while several different species of fish can be caught. Only five hours drive from Nairobi this is one of Kenya’s finest tourist areas and the competition offers a fun weekend over the Labour Day holiday . Great for families!

With so few trips, this will be the last report this season, so happy off-season all !